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General Evaluation

The art of the felt in our society that is in the process of industrialization has been losing its importance and originality.

In Istanbul City, the felt-makers used to make the felt in Turkish bath and sell them to ammunition store , band of musician places, icehouse and dockyard , but it isn't possible to meet any today.

In Konya City, during Seçuklu period , felt- making was very common. There were 124 felt shops in total.

In Afyon City, There were at least 150 workshops making felt.

In Manisa City, There were 50 people who were felt -makers ,but this number fell down to only one shop in 1982.

In our town Tire , there were 15 workshops in 1972 . There were 13 workshops in 1982. There is only 4 workshops now.

In Ödemiş There were 6 felt-makers and workshops in 1920, ten 1960 and five in 1982. As we can understand from the process of failing number of felt shops.

As we know , the art of

Arif CÖN