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Feld had been used in many domains before , but it is not the same in these days. Many differend industrial products have replaced felt and that has limited the areas in which felt is used.

Thare are many types of felt used in different paleces. They are named with different ways.

Some felts are used as coverings spread out on the ground at houses. We call them "Alakeçe" Some are used as wrappings to protect the goods from rain or dirth, generally by nomadics . The other ones are " Turlut" , the Süt Felt, the Yük Felt, the Ter Felt , Belleme , the baby felt, kepenek, and the winter felt" etc...

Besides, There are many types of caps, dresses and shoes made of felt such as boats, socks, dressses , coarse woolen clothes and waistcoats. In addition to these , there are animal figures made of felt , sacks and prayer rugs.

Felt is also wed for covering ground , wall , oven , mattress , iron , bed , wardrobe and sofa . Moreover , rigid and pressed felt is used in industry...