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 Ebu Said Libabid had carried out all the procedure of making felt as we do today, but after yhe procedure of kicking and stamping he recognized that the wool of felt didn't blend and disintegrated immediately . He thought that the period he spent for kicking and stamping should have been longer so he continued doing it, but he recognized the wool hadn't been integrated and he repeated of the procedure along 40 days but failed . He got sorry and began to cry. While crying he went on kicking and stamping at the same time. After that he recognized how the whole on which his tears fell integrated and he felt a great happiness in his heart , so he learnt that he had to throw water on the wool while kicking and stamping it.

Another rumour has it that , it's Abdulmuttalip who found felt . Hallac-ı Mansur is considered as the patriarch of felt- makers , for he invented the wool carder.