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 The Historical Development of Felt and Traditions

We haven't got a definite knowledge about where and how felt has been produced and used first by humanity. Most scientists and researchers agree that felt must have been produced first in the Middle Asia by the reason for its climatic contitions and it's the first sample of textile.

The sheep growing in the wide pastures of the Middle Asia had a big effect on it. However , it's noticed that wool becames mould by meshing when the sheep laid down wet places , so the sheperds who saw that started to press and roll up the wool and at the end They had the felt.

The word "felt" is mentioned firts in "iliada" from Anotolian Homeros in which Troya Wars (B.C. 1200- 110 ) had been told.

The first sample of felt are seen on the works held by excavations made in parızık furtresses.

As we told before , felt had been made in Anotolia first in B.C. 1200-1100 . That old Anatolian handicraft is carried on by Turks an an ancestroy art in the periodsof Selçuklu and Ottoman Empire and ithas remained whitin bounds by Ahilik Organization . These rules are protected by government and different usage and customs proper to them.

There were ceremonies generally made in May. The nominees for craftsmen , apprentices and journeymen were chosen by his craftsman and made known to the foreman and the head craftsman would decide that position.

The felt had a big importance in Turks daily lives-then . It is imposible to see this art in every part of the world , for there must be a developed animal husbandary and a cold climate.

The Middle Asian Turkish Communities used woollen goods trimmed so the carpets made of felt had a big importance in Middle Asian Handicrafts.