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Tire which is know as a naturist and historic town of İzmir is a beautiful centre. It had been called as "Teira" before Turks' settlement , then it was called as "Tire" after Turks' comming. It had a rich culture inheritance in history after the periods with Hittite , phrygia , Lidya , Persia , Hellen , Rome and Bizans. The holy Lands of the Artemis Temple beginning from efes to Bozdağ have brought sanctity to Tire for centurries. Especially the emperor of Rome Jules Sezar and the other famous emperois have attempted to annex some parts to their own land.


It had also a lot of civilizations owing to the rich geography of it throughout the ages.

Besides the famous French Historian and poet Lamartin had called attention to Tire's naturel beauty and likened it to the towns of Switzerland.


As having the privilege of the rich accumulation of historical, cultures beliefs , Tire has topped and presented these to Turkish Society.