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 Felt is a kind of covering spread out on the ground and it's made of wool. It is called felt-maker who makes different kinds of good from felt. Felt-making is absolutely a handicraft.

It's fabricated by factories using the developing technology recently. In Tre, we have been going on producing felt with traditional methods. We are trying to keep alive this diminishing handicraft in our workhop ( There are only four in Tire ).

The kambs witch grow in watery places don't have a handy wool to make a good felt. It's said that the wools got from the lambs grown in dry places are handier , especially the ones four months old. The craftsmen like them best.

In Tire, We make felt from the wools of the sheep witch grow in Tire, Ödemiş and Bayındır.

The best felt is made from the sheeps' wool sheared first. The lower qualified felt is made from sheeps' wool sheared in August. The wool is bought from villagers.

First it's cleaned of thorns and dirt. If it isn't cleanedby hands , we clean them by using scissors. After that it's time to card . Then , the cleaned wool is seperated with hand.The black wools are used for decorations , the white ones are for the top and under layers and the grey ones are for the middle layer of the felt. Finally it's ready to be thrown.

The teased wools are seperated from each other. It's done with a carder or dragging machine. This procedure is called "atma" . After it we can begin making felt.

This procedure is followed by different stages like "Kapaklamak" or "Çatkı" , "Kızaklama" , " oklavalama" , "karıştırma" and " Tığlama"...